Executive Coaching

I use an evidence-based approach to coaching.

What does that mean, you ask? Well, there are sound theoretical foundations to effective coaching.

I employ research-based techniques and approaches borrowed from the fields of psychology, counseling and social work in my work. My work is informed by the subdomains of positive psychology and cognitive psychology.

It’s my experience that most people, and even many coaches, are not well-informed about what good coaching is and what one can expect from it. I firmly believe participating in a coaching process with a skilled coach following an evidence-based coaching framework is one of the most rewarding investments anyone can make.

Much of my work is helping people develop clearer goals and a plans for achieving them. First however, one should be as clear as possible about who one is. Helping my client’s identify their strengths, growth opportunities…an honest, candid assessment about who they are and what they want is an important part of the coaching work I do.

I place great value upon consciousness, awareness and reflection in myself and in my coaching clients. My clients and I co-create an effective coaching relationship where I can function as a thought partner, helping them to become aware of their “blind spots” and how their willful blindness might be interfering with the achievement of their goals.