Executive Assessment

There are many ways to conduct effective individual and group assessments.

Often, it is desirable and appropriate to use valid psychometric instruments or “tests”. There are literally hundreds of these assessments available. Many are often used inappropriately or unnecessarily.
Often, these elected tools are not valid assessments of the issues of concern or the results leave those participating in them with a “so what” reaction. In other words, now that I know my personality type, what can I or should I do differently?

I think it’s important first to ask what do we need to know about the individual or group and how will this knowledge help him or her or the organization, then select the best tools.

I find the most useful tools are those that provide information that is actionable and where the effects of the actions contribute to the attainment of individual or group goals.
For that reason, I most often use tools which facilitate the creation of individual or group development plans.
Often, these tools are formal validated individual assessments but sometimes they are 360 reviews or stakeholder interviews.

I am qualified to recommend, select, administer and interpret several very valid and reliable assessment tools.
Helping my clients cross these developmental hurdles is one of the most rewarding experiences I have in life.