Predictive Index


The Predictive Index is a methodology that business leaders use to better understand the behaviors of their people so that they can take them where they want to go. Scientifically validated assessments make the foundation of our system, which allow you to measure the behavioral and cognitive attributes of candidates and employees. As you probably know, assessments are some of the best predictors of workplace performance.

We provide a software as a service platform (SAAS) that allows you to easily define behavioral and cognitive requirements of a job, assess candidates and employees,compare results, and run analytics on groups and teams. We pride ourselves on knowledge transfer in that we partner you with a PI Certified Partner who is a workplace behavior expert and is there to help you every step of the way.

Your PI Certified Partner also serves as facilitator and trainer of our curriculum of instructor-led management training workshops which ensures that the PI methodology is integrated deep into the cultural fabric of your organization.

The biggest predictor of workplace performance is general cognitive ability. Right beside cognitive is behavior, which you already have. The two paired together give you over half the picture as to whether or not someone will perform well in this new role. We’re delighted to offer you another lens and add even more accuracy to your hiring process (or fill in the blank of focus areas). We’ve been searching for nearly 10 years to find the perfect instrument to add to PI. We recently found this cognitive instrument out of a company in Europe and now have it available for you to complement the PI. Would love to talk to you more about taking your hiring process to the next level.